Wet n Wild Mega Last Salon Nail Color 208B Through The Grapevine Swatches, Review and Comparisons

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OK, let me just start off with saying that Pinterest is so friggin addictive, the reason why I've not posted yet this week is coz I've been there all the time pinning that, pinning this, and ended up pinning everything that could possibly be pinned online. I know, I have a problem here, so I decided not to pin too much today and do a blog post instead, it was long overdue anyways.

I actually got this nail polish thinking that it would be more of a reddish wine kind of a color but its more of a purple fuchsia kind of a color, I don't know what I was thinking when I got it especially since I already own something similar from ELF. Maybe a case of momentary color blindness or just plain absent mindedness, I don't know. This is one reason why I believe in taking inventory before buying more stuff. Anywho, I got this in a 99cents sale so that's some kind of a consolation I guess.

I just love the packaging of the wet n wild nail polishes from this line. The brush is awesome and I flippin love it. But one thing I've noticed after trying many nail polishes from this line is that the formula is not consistent. It differs from shade to shade but I guess that is to be expected as that is usually the case with any nail polish, or any makeup product for that matter; not all have the same consistency and it usually varies with color, and finish. However, this shade is creamy and applies well and lasts almost all week without a base/top coat. I did not have the same experience with Wet Cement, and On A Trip, they were both a little more watery and applied streaky and On a Trip chipped within 3 days without a base/top coat but more on that later. They were still creamy enough but not as creamy as I Need a Refresh-Mint, or this shade, Through the Grapevine. I have one more shade called Undercover which I haven't tried yet and its an ashy looking mauve.

Now for the swatches. The first one is in dull low light and the second picture is in natural sunlight through window.

All the nail polishes from this line give opaque color with 2 coats, but the color is richer with some than with others. I have 5 nail polishes from this line and I'm just giving you my 2cents here, if you just want one color, then go get I Need A refresh-Mint and skip the rest coz its the most unique color with the best formula and it also has high end dupes. But if you wanna try out more colors then get a couple of the darker ones during a sale. Also these nail polishes do not stain your nails so you don't really need a base coat and they have enough shine so you don't need a top coat either.

This color will be perfect for this fall/winter. If you like dark purple/fuchsia shades you will love this. I heard that Walgreens is having a $1.49 sale for all their megalast (regular $1.99), and fast dry nail polishes so you should go get it now if you like it.

I hope this review, and comparison helped you.

Overall Rating: A

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) it is...but there are better shades in this collection.

  2. That colour is gorgeous..love it..

  3. Just bought it - more wearable for me than the green but I'll check that out too. Keep blogging!

    1. Thanks :) Through the Grapevine is a gorgeous color too, it was the first mega last nail polish I bought, it just spoke to me.


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