Things I ❤ for Fall

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Fall is my favorite season coz its just that perfect mix of warm and cool but not too cold as winter and neither too hot as summer. Moreover what's not to like about fall colors, Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday? But most of all I like fall coz of the fashion n style trends. I'm no great trend follower but I do love my coats, boots, scarves, berets, and layering for fall. So below are just a collage of things that I love the most for fall.

Things I Love for Fall

Trench Coats: For those rainy cold days. I have one from Feline's Basement and I love it.

Peacoats: For the non rainy days. I have one striped peacoat from Old Navy which I'm gonna rock for fall.

Scarves: For the warm cozy feeling. I just love ruffle, and infinity scarves, they're the best to keep you warm and cozy. I have a collection of scarves.

Berets: To cover ears and look cute. I have some caps, and berets from Payless and I'm such a hat person, total British.

Gloves: For the freezing cold days. I usually match these with either my beret or my scarf and I love fingerless gloves. Leather gloves are best to keep you warm.

Leg warmers: For when you need something more warmer under boots. On some days you need more than just boots so I wear my leg warmers under them but there are a lot of different ways to wear leg warmers.

Boots: Ankle length for not so cold days and knee length for cold days. I just love pairing jeggings with knee length faux suede boots. I have a pair from Payless that look oh so ugg.

So what do you like the most about and for fall? Please do leave a comment and let me know.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Winters are approaching here too..I love trench coats..

    1. me too, i think they're best for rainy cold days in India.

  2. You have an exceptional and fabulous sense of fashion. I love the classic black leather gloves in winters which enhances the look. Sadly we don’t find many women here in india wearing these..


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