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I've been tagged by the lovely Aly from Life With Aly (you can read her post here), she's hands down one of my fave bloggers, you have to check her blog out, really worth reading. I'm so excited to do this tag mostly coz I've not done a single favorites post for the summer months and this tag pretty much covers everything I have reached for most during summer. I also extended it a little bit with some of my other faves I've been loving. So without further ado, listed below are my most worn/fave summer things.

Tough one! I just love a lot of colors for summer and I definitely have more nail polishes than the number of weeks in summer, so there's no one most worn nail polish, but I'll pick my most fave of them all, which is, the Wet n Wild mega last salon nail color in I Need A Refresh-Mint.

I also recently found out that my review of this polish has been posted on the Wet n Wild VIP members blog, you can check it out here. This nail polish, hands down, has the best formula, and staying power as far as drugstore polishes go, and the color is the most gorgeous mint I've ever seen. I most definitely enjoyed having it both on my hands n toes during this summer.

I would love to say my sunglasses but I wear eye glasses and I don't like wearing contacts, they just irritate my dry eyes, so I don't wear them unless I'm going out in the hot afternoon sun. But my watch was definitely my most worn, its Geneva, and has this cool button strap and silver toned metallic rings in between with the most unique design which I love.

This was very easy coz I'm not big on shoes and very practical when it comes to footwear, so its my Charlotte Russe sandals which I wore the heck out of this summer.

Definitely my cover up cardigan from Charlotte Russe. I love cardigans/jackets so even during summers I cannot stay away from them.

I'm not a bag snob and I don't really want my bags to last forever either so I just see what's trendy and pick them up if I feel they're worth the price. This summer my most worn is my Payless Minicci croc embossed bag in green color, it just caught my eye when I saw this in store and I had to have it.

Its larger compared to what I'm normally used to but I just couldn't pass it up. Its also not the most comfortable bag I ever used but it can carry a lot of stuff.

I've been using two actually, alternating them every single day this summer coz that's how much I like these both. The Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction, and Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted. They're both fruity scented and are a bit heavy for being fragrance mists but they do wear off to a nice fresh light scent as the day goes on.

I got them both during the semi-annual sales, for great prices, but even if they were regularly priced I would have gotten them, they're just worth it.

I'm really not into wearing any makeup during summer, and that sadly includes lip products too coz it really irritates me badly. So the only things I've worn the most are Vaseline, and Nivea Kiss of Moisture chapstick. They're so moisturizing and light on lips.

I just threw away my most worn mascara coz its over, and its the CoverGirl lash blast length, the one which comes in the yellow tube. It does really give great length and lasts all day but if you're looking for any kind of volume this is not for you.

Definitely my NARS Orgasm blush. I only wear this during summers coz the dull/cloudy winter weather just does not do it enough justice. All that gorgeous gold shimmer has to be seen in the bright sunny weather and coral is like the color to be worn during summer. Also this blush just looks natural on me and gives me a dewy fresh look which I love. I think it would look good on anyone coz its such a universally flattering color. Its also the most controversial blush coz of its ridiculous price especially when you can find so many dupes for it at drugstore.

I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow during summer, I know I'm so boring, but on the limited occasions when I did wear eyeshadow it was the Coastal Scents 26 eyeshadow blush palette. This palette is such a gorgeous mix of neutrals and fun colors and you get 5 blushes. Not the greatest palette out there but its good for beginners who're just starting out with experimenting with colors.

I'm not a fan of liquid foundation in any season. I only wear it when I'm being photographed, like during a wedding or something. So I don't have any real foundations to show you but I do use powder foundation and my most worn is the Maybelline dream matte powder. I just love it so much that I also got a backup. Not the most long lasting powder ever but it gives a very nice matte airbrush finish that also looks great on camera, and it doesn't look cakey even when I use the puff.

I have two which I've been using a lot this summer. The Schwarzkopf Smoothing Lustre Lotion, and the Parachute Therapie hair oil. They're both great products and totally worth the money.

For those of you who're interested in knowing. These are all of my food faves.

I've been loving the belVita breakfast biscuits in cinnamon sugar flavor. They taste so good and they're whole grain, and most importantly they don't make me constipated like all other biscuits do. I've also been loving roasted and salted almonds, and honeydew melons. Also I came across this new Cappuccino flavor called Cinnamon Dulce from Maxwell House which I'm obsessed with. I have also been obsessed with Green Tea ice cream, you usually find it in Asian restaurants and I've been going to Thai restaurants just for this ice cream though I hate Thai food.

I don't really have any books, movies, or music faves coz I have not really been reading much and haven't watched any new movies all of summer. I don't really have any one particular song fave coz I do like a lot of them but none so outstanding that I constantly repeated it. Also since there are no TV shows during summer break, I'm waiting for most of them to start, beginning this month, and Downton Abbey is one of them, subscribe/follow if you also like period dramas :D.

So those are all of my summer faves, I think I'll do another post for regrets. Hope you enjoyed reading this lengthy post. Please feel free to do this tag if you like it. Hope you all had a great summer and are as excited as I am for the fall.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Hey Girl! Thanks for putting a link to my blog! U are way to kind to me! I loved ur post! I adore green tea ice-cream! Have you ever had fried green ice cream??? It's to die for! I was debating getting the Coastal Scents 26 eyeshadow blush palette... i have a few of their pallets. I think you convinced me! XOXO

    1. Hmm fried green tea ice cream sounds tempting, never saw it anywhere but I will be on the hunt. The CS 26 palette is not a great palette compared to its warm, metal, and shimmer palettes, they're supposed to be of better quality and if you have those you don't really need this coz the colors might be the same. I suggest you go for their blush palette which has like 10 or 12 blushes.

  2. I absolutely love green tea ice cream! I had some it in Indonesia this summer, it tasted amazing.

    That Geneva watch is really cute! xo

    1. Yep green tea ice cream is the best! Thanks :) xo


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