Wet n Wild Mega Last Salon Nail Color 201C Wet Cement Swatches and Review

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This is one of my favorite neutral shades ever. The color is so unique. Its kind of like a grey with purple undertones that almost makes it look taupe in certain lights. It can be worn to school/office too, its just such a pretty nude shade. The review of this polish is the same as you've seen here.

The brush of these nail polishes is just so amazing and so much more easier to work with than the regular ones. Application is so perfect and nice, its just like everything you want in a nail polish.

And finally the swatches:

Love, love, love this shade and there is not enough love in the world that I can show it. LOL that was dramatic! But that's how much I like it. You don't even need a base/top coat for it and it still lasts almost a week and these polishes do not stain your nails. They also dry pretty fast.

This shade can be worn almost all seasons. I got it for $1.50 in a sale at CVS where you buy 2 for $3. And for that prize you cannot go wrong. And its all the more better when the quality is so good. I'll definitely repurchase this shade once I finish this bottle which is like forever coz its 0.45 oz (13.5ml) and especially when you have 24 other shades to use. I recommend it highly to anyone who likes nude/neutral nail colors for like anytime, any day, any season use.

Did any of you try this shade? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

I'll see you tomorrow with another nail polish post, probably.

Overall Rating: A++

Keep Smiling :)

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