Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer 741A Princess Review and Swatches

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This is my first bronzer, and I'm glad I started out with a Wet n Wild bronzer. The Color Icon line from Wet n Wild is really awesome, great prizes and greater quality.

I love the fact that they are sealed, this way we'll know that no one has touched the product with their nasty little fingers before we buy it. The packaging however is not that great, its just cheap plastic like all wet n wild products but I'm not one to crib as the actual product is what matters. Compared to the other bronzer in this line, this looked much darker and less orangy so I picked it up as I have light-medium skin tone and thought it would be a great contour when I get tanned.

The ingredients are clearly shown on the back. It contains parabens so if you're bothered by that you might wanna skip on this.

It comes with a useless brush that I'm never gonna use. Finally, the swatches:

I just took a swipe and swatched it once on my wrist. Trust me, its more pigmented than you can see in the picture coz my camera is the culprit and makes everything look lighter than it is. Do you see the sheen it left on my finger after I swatched it on my hand? It has a very nice golden coppery sheen that cannot really be identified or noticed when you first look at it in the packaging. On my face I do not notice it much unless I'm in direct sunlight. It could be called a shimmery bronzer I guess. It is a pressed powder and feels so soft and velvety to touch but you have to be careful while getting it onto your brush coz it is very powdery and can get all over the place. It is very easily blendable and can be built up if you want. On the downside, it doesn't last long, maybe 2-3 hours max. but that is to be expected when a product is so powdery.

Since this is my first bronzer, I do not have anything else to compare it with but I am totally satisfied with the results. I got the perfect contour that I was looking for and the shade suited me well. Now I don't know if that's the perfect shade for me but it didn't make me look odd, muddy, or orangy and I liked the effect it produced which was a pretty but not overwhelming glow. So all in all I'm a satisfied customer.

I would recommend this to anyone who's new to bronzers, or not into bronzers that much but still prefer to have it in their collection for whenever needed. But even if you are into bronzers you should try it or you're definitely missing out on something. If not a bronzer, you can use it as an eyeshadow. I'll repurchase it once I finish this up, unless maybe if I find something better and something that has the same effect but lasts longer.

You get 0.14 oz (4 gm) of product for $2.99 at CVS which is a steal in my opinion. You can also get it at other drug and discount stores.

Hope this review helped you.

Overall Rating: A-

Keep Smiling :)

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