Summer Nail Polish Picks and Favorites

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If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have tweeted about a nail polish post coming up this week and here it is. Like the title says, these are the nail polishes that I picked up this spring/summer and have been my favorites for quite some time now. For me summer is the time to indulge in nail polish coz in winters we're mostly covered with gloves and layers and layers of winter clothing so much so that we cannot even enjoy wearing a nail polish for the fact that we will not be able to show it off as much as in summers. Its a totally welcome feeling to let our hands and legs out and let them soak in the sun and while doing so if we could splash some color to them then its all the more beautiful and summery. To me spring and summer colors are almost the same and I don't really wear much nail polish during spring either coz where I live spring can get as cold as winter/fall and we wear gloves and boots during spring months as well, so what's the point right? Similarly fall and winter colors are the same for me but I almost stop wearing nail polish after October so there is no winter nail color in my book of beauty. Anywho these are some nail colors and finishes that I enjoy during summers - the season for nail polish, and mostly only nail polish coz I do not wear much makeup during summers; its just too heavy for my sensitive skin to bear it. So I enjoy my nail polishes as long as I can.

I usually begin with pastels during that transition time from spring to summer in May. This year I have been enjoying these two colors from Wet n Wild megalast range of polishes in Undercover and Wet Cement. Undercover did not suit me as well as I thought it would but I totally loved Wet Cement and these nail polishes are amazing. I got Undercover in a 99cents sale at Walgreens and the Wet Cement in a buy 2 for $3 sale at CVS.

Then as the summer months began I have been enjoying mints, and greens. The mint shade below is Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint which I got in a sale for 99cents at Walgreens and the teal green is from Forever21's Love and Beauty collection and it was $2.80. The shade is such a nice sea green which just reminds me of the beach. Both these nail polishes are super pigmented and the Forever21 polish stains the nails very bad so its good to start off with a nice base coat.

Then as always I love me some pink and orange - the color of the year. The pink is a nice corally pink from Confetti called Afterparty. I got it in a sale for 50cents! The orange is another Confetti shade called Outrageous Orange. Though the color selection is nice and they are just $1.99, I am not a great fan of the formula or the brush/application of this brand. But they last 3-4 days and maybe even more if you don't work much with your hands and with a good base/top coat they can be amazing. What more can you ask for that price?

Then I also have been enjoying some lilacs and metallics in June/July. There's something about wearing reflecting metallic shades during hot summers. The Wet n Wild shade is On A Trip and it is the most amazing shade of blue-based lilac that I've ever seen, it just takes my breath away. I got it on sale for 99cents at Walgreens. The silver shade is Confetti Silver Slippers and its a metallic frost finish and I love it.

Finally, how can we forget the brights, and neons. I'm not really a great fan of the regular neons so I just pick something that's bright and almost looks neony instead of being too neony, if you know what I mean. This season I've been loving the Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear nail color in Pacific Blue. Its such a bright cornflower blue that is just so OOOMPH! and I just love it. The formula however sucks. I had been hunting for this color for months and finally found it at Walgreens for $2.79. And I also could not pass up this yellow shade from Sinful Colors called Pull Over which is a nice mustard yellow color that is not too neony but bright enough. I got it in a sale at Walgreens for 99cents.

So those are all my summer shades and usually these are the only colors I pick up during summers always coz they look great on me and I enjoy them.

I don't have a nail wheel or I would have swatched all of them. If I do get one I'll swatch all of them and update this post with the picture of swathces.

Hope you liked my picks. What are your summer nail polish picks, do let me know in the comments below, would love to hear from you.

Now go paint those nails and enjoy the summer while you can.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. the two green colors is beautiful for summer

  2. Sally Hansen Pacific Blue was a definite summer favorite of mine as well! :)

    1. WOW then we're twinsies :)...I love it so much...I think many in the beauty community rave about it too.


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