Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color 420 Pacific Blue Review and Swatches

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This is my first Sally Hansen nail polish and normally I wouldn't have gotten it either except for the fact that its under $3 and the color of this particular shade is sooo friggin awesome.

The color is such a bright but not so bright blue that I have never seen before and just perfect for summer. I love the bottle shape and all too, looks cute, except that the metal cap gets all smudgy with finger prints. The back clearly shows the ingredients which is always good to know that what you're buying is toxic free. The brush is nothing great, just your average regular nail polish brush I guess.

The swatches, just look at that amazing color, OMG! The first one is in natural light and the second in flash light.

Can I say again that the color is OOMPH! OK I'll stop now. The color looks like a cornflower blue. In certain lights it looks more blue and in certain lights it looks a like a purple blue, in real life.

The formula however is not like I expected it to be coz Sally Hansen nail polishes are really famous so I kind of had high expectations I guess. First off, it has a weird smell, nothing like the regular usual nail polish smell. I did not get a bad one coz I went back and checked the other bottles/colors and they all smelt like this. The polish is so thick and creamy that it almost goops up while applying and if you keep the bottle open all the while until you finish painting all your nails, it keeps getting goopier. And when you rub off the brush either side to get a small amount it applies streaky. Honestly, I couldn't get to paint evenly on at least one of my nails, not one. The polish is either streaky, or thick and gooey and that means uneven application no matter how hard you try and I don't want to work so hard to apply my damn nail polish. After applying, the polish takes forever to dry. I thought the first coat dried because when I touched it, it didn't transfer to my fingers but when I went on to apply the second coat I found some bubbling going on which is just yucky. And after applying two coats it kind of has a bouncy thing going on, kind of like the Maybelline dream bouncy blush :D and if you press hard you can get your fingerprints stamped on it.

You just need one coat for opaque color but honestly I don't think one coat will last long coz I tried that on my right hand and it peeled off even when I had given it 2 hours of time to dry. The polish doesn't chip but peels off like thick paint would and it peels off in chunks. If 2-3 hours is not enough for drying then what is, a whole day? seriously, who has that much time to sit with their hands on laps and not do anything? and I was just eating ma chapati (Indian flat bread) and curry, I probably ate those chunks of polish too, ugh. But if you apply 2 coats, and once the nail polish dries completely which is like in forever, I think it is "hard as nails", it does stay on for 3-5 (depending on how much you use your hands to work) days with very minimal chipping. But the single coat however chips off fast even if you give a it day to dry.

You'll also need a good quick dry base coat coz I heard that these polishes stain your nails, I've not experienced it when I swatched it lightly on my fingers at store but I read reviews. And you'll also need a good quick dry top coat since the polish takes forever to dry and peels or chips off fast but even with a top coat I cannot assure you that it wouldn't peel off.

But if you can forgive all of these flaws you can get to sport the most gorgeous color ever. No? Not buying it? well, its worth a try, its just $2.99 at Walgreens/CVS so it will not set you back by much.

I recommend this to anyone who likes the most gorgeous blue color and doesn't really mind the crappy formula. I however will not be repurchasing it, coz I just do not have the patience.

Hope this review helped you.

Overall Rating: C

Keep Smiling :)

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