Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin Review

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I've had this bottle since last fall so you can say that I've tested it out a really fair amount of time and in all the seasons year round. This is how the bottle looks. Sorry about the bad lighting, its been cloudy here like forever.

Packaging looks cute and it comes in a box which I couldn't wait to throw away coz back then I didn't have my blog and didn't know its importance while reviewing. The product comes out via a pump that can be locked and unlocked by twisting it. You then press the pump down to get the product out of a tiny hole.

The directions and claims are given at the back of the bottle.

I got this mainly since I needed some kind of moisturizer on my face before applying makeup and since I have combination skin I thought this might be a good one as it does seem to claim to give a matte finish. So I also thought this could act as my primer. It comes out as a white cream, not too thick or watery, somewhere in between.

The ingredients are on the back of the box it comes in, which I threw away, and I couldn't find the ingredient list anywhere else, so sorry about that. But I really liked the claims about it being fragrance-free, and allergy tested coz I have sensitive skin.

As far as my experience with this, I kind of have mixed feelings. This product does not really have any artificial fragrance, and you just need one pump for your whole face. It absorbs into the skin nicely and does give a matte finish although the matte effect lasts only a few hours, say 2 hours. It does not clog pores either. But the thing is, during extreme winters it is not sufficient to provide enough moisturization especially if you have really dry skin which I do during winters. My skin doesn't feel like its hydrated and it still feels like that feeling you have after you wash your face with soap, the tight feeling. But that could have also been because I did not use a soap free wash during bath and that really made my skin extra extra dry. During fall/spring or during cold days of summer, when you feel like your skin needs moisture without the shine, this works pretty good. It does provide enough moisture required during the not so cold days but cold enough that your skin gets dry and needs some kind of hydration. It controls the oiliness on my t-zone to a certain extent, and keeps the rest of the face well hydrated. One thing I observed is that since last winter I have changed my soap to Dove and I apply this cream after my bath, and it does seem to work better than when I used my previous soap which was Cinthol lime fresh. Even so I didn't feel like it works best during winters especially in places where there's snowfall, its really really cold and your face needs much more moisture than this thing can provide. That being said, I do enjoy what it does to my face during the other seasons, even during summers when your face is sensitive and doesn't enjoy having anything heavy or oily on it but still requires to be moisturized, this cream really works well. It doesn't irritate my skin like other heavy moisturizers. Also when I continuously use it for a few days I find that it adds a nice glow to my face. I think the combination of Dove bar soap and this cream really works good. Also if you have really dry flaky, patchy skin this might not work for you unless you do something about the flakiness like maybe use a scrub or something coz your skin has to be really bare (free of black heads too) and ready to absorb before using any kind of creams or it will just sit on your skin and does nothing for you. Now that I know how to use it properly I really like this product. It also acts as a nice primer before you put on your makeup. I do not use heavy liquid foundation but I do use powder foundation and concealer and this works pretty well for me. It also makes my blush go on better.

I recommend this to anyone who has combination and sensitive skin during fall/spring/summer. For winters, get something else. It costs $10.99 at CVS where I bought it but I think you can get it for less at stores like Target, or Walmart. You get 4 oz (118ml) of product which doesn't seem like much but it lasts a long time.

I will repurchase it once I finish this bottle which seems to be never ending for such a small sized one.

I hope this review helps you to decide whether to buy it or not.

Overall Rating: B++

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. I have combination/acne prone skin and if i don't exfoliate i get dry flakes and my skin gets this gross buildup of dead cells. The Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque never bothered my skin-it actually feels cool and refreshing to me-which is saying a lot because many face masks make my skin burn like i just slapped Icyhot on it.

    After I use it, my skin gets soft and it removes a lot of dead skin off that i would have had to abrasively scrub off otherwise. No complaints here.

    Just don't get it in your eyebrows. That sucks. You have to wash it out with warm water to get it to dissolve.

    1. Hmm that sounds like a nice mask...never heard about it but will check it out..thanks for the heads up..i don't have acne proned skin but i do have sensitive combination skin and exfoliation/scrubbing is one thing i dread.


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