Fashion Friday: Summer Casual with Skinny Jeans and Peasant Top

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I love styling. Well, what girl doesn't right? I like creating outfit ideas, plan, organize, and decorate stuff around me, its crazy! So recently (I think you guys know) I have started using Polyvore and shared my sets with you guys. Since fashion is also a part of this blog I just thought it'll be nice to include a post every week where I can share some of my outfit ideas based on what I wear, my wardrobe, and what I'd like to wear for a certain occasion. Now I'm not a professional but I trust I have some fashion sense, if you think I don't then please feel free to correct me; I'm not perfect and don't mind improving myself. And I just thought I'd call this series Fashion Friday, a very common series term used on fashion blogs.

For my first fashion friday post I just styled a very casual summer outfit along with accessories and what kind of makeup I would wear for such a look. Its nothing fancy and a very easy look, you probably already have all this stuff in your wardrobe. Also I'm a saver so all my picks are usually under $50 (each pick).

Summer Entire Casual Look #1

God, I so want that handbag, and that scarf, like, right now. And how cool is that tattoo! though I wont be getting one anytime soon.

How do you like this new series, do you think I should continue? What are your faves from this look and what do you think about it? Please, please let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

Keep Smiling :)

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