ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen Review

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I got this baby in my last ELF haul which you saw here. I have a very bad case of cuticle picking as they are always dry, flaky, and keep giving up on me. More than that its like an addiction to me, I pick my cuticles whenever I'm bored, happy, nervous, you name it! I know its a very weird addiction but can't help it. So to solve this problem of mine I thought I'd give my cuticles a bribe so that they're more nourished and would help me get rid of my dirty and painful habit. So when I saw this cuticle pen on the ELF website, I went ahead and ordered it.

It came in this clear packaging like most products from the ELF Essential line. And like all ELF products the directions, claims, ingredients etc., are clearly given on the back.

I must say the cuticle oil in a pen format is a very creative and unique design. It looks like a marker and it also has a felt tip like a marker.

At first when I saw it, I didn't feel like it would do much and frankly I wasn't really sold on the whole felt tip cuticle pen thing but still it was a $ and I wanted to give it a try. The felt tip however, is what makes the application so easy, and precise and it can also be used as a cuticle pusher. Its easy to get it into all the cracks and hollows. Its also very convenient to use it on the nails. The tip is a little hard when you first use it but it gets better with usage and you do not have to press it hard to get the oil out so its not rough on your cuticles. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and it seriously reduced my habit of cuticle picking from 3 times a week into once in 3 weeks. Now its definitely no miracle worker but it does keep my cuticles/nails from drying and flaking when used continuously, like atleast 2-3 times a day. Also they are right about it being quick dry and no mess. It gets absorbed so fast and it doesn't feel heavy at all. It also doesn't have any smell which is strange coz you'd expect an oil to smell of something, anything. And what's more, its very convenient to carry it around in your purse and use it wherever and whenever possible.

I feel good knowing that it has all the good and nutritious stuff like Almond, Avocado oils, Grape Seed oil, Vitamins E, A, and C, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Aloe. My nails/cuticles are definitely looking better, if not healthier. I can't really think of any major issues I had with this product but I also no its not the best out there and considering its only a dollar its pretty good for what its worth.

I recommend this to anyone facing dry cuticle problems like me and need a quick fix that doesn't cost much. You should definitely give this a try and its only a dollar. This is my first cuticle pen, actually this is my first cuticle anything, I never used anything specially for my cuticles before this. I'll repurchase this in case I don't find anything better. I don't know how much product you'll be getting coz its not mentioned anywhere on the packaging or the pen. But I'm sure it should last for a pretty good time. I bought mine on eyeslipsface.com but I guess it could be bought at Target too.

I hope the review helped you.

Overall Rating: A--

Keep Smiling :)

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