Confetti Long Wearing Nail Color 012 Outrageous Orange Review and Swatches

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This is my first orange nail polish. I'm not really a fan of the color orange but it is "the color of the year" and talked about so much in the beauty community that I felt its necessary, me being a beauty blogger and all (see, its not so easy being a beauty blogger y'all, sometimes you have to do things you don't like just for the sake of it and to keep up with the competition), that I should at least give it a try and what better way to start than an orange nail polish, it is never risky with nail polish so that's always a good way to begin if you want to know whether a particular color suits you or not. I found this nail polish at CVS for $1.99 and it felt like a safe bet.

The color almost looks like a red in the bottle but it is more like an orange red than red red, if you know what I mean and when applied on nails its lighter than what you see in the bottle so its definitely more orange. The ingredients are given on the back in very very tiny writing but its good to know that its toxic free.

The brush is very thin/flimsy, looks cheap and I heard a lot of bad reviews about it saying that it shed or bent or broke or something like that but I never had a problem with mine and since I usually swatch my nail polishes at store, I always make sure I buy a good one. Application with the brush was easy too, coz its a very regular nail polish brush which we're all used to, so nothing to worry about there. I really like the bottle design, it looks cute.

I couldn't get my camera to shoot without the flash going off coz its been cloudy and dark here so as of now this is the only swatch. I'll see if I can get a picture of this in natural light and update this post later. In real life it looks a lot less brighter, especially in natural light. In some lights it looks more red.

So that's Outrageous Orange, so true to the name. I applied 2 coats and it still looks sheer, so 3 coats should do the trick. I haven't applied any base or top coat and it didn't stain my nails. It actually doesn't need a top coat either. The nail polish lasted for about 3 days before chipping lightly at the tips. With a good top coat and 3 coats applied it should last longer than that. It also dries pretty fast.

All in all, not the best formula ever coz it is thin in consistency and needs more than 2 coats but it does stay put for a decent amount of time. Also the colors in this brand are not exactly like what you see in the bottle. Its better than many costlier nail polishes I tried and for $1.99 it is delivering pretty good quality so I don't really wanna complain and crib about it. Also the consistency of the formula varies from color to color. I used some other colors from this range which had better quality than this. Anyways my craving for the orange color has been satisfied without breaking the bank.

I will recommend this to anyone who needs an affordable drugstore nail polish and some fun colors to try out. There are some other pretty good colors in this collection which are worth trying out. But make sure you get the ones with good brushes. I'll repurchase from this brand if I find a really unique color that I don't already have in my nail polish collection.

Hope this review helps you.

Overall Rating: A--

Keep Smiling :)

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