Beach Bag & Its Essentials

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Hitting the beach often is one thing I do during summers and though I'm a reluctant swimmer I just like to go there and laze around under the sun for a while. But before I do that, there are some things that I need to take care of and this is how I prepare myself before I head to spend a few hours at the beach/pool.

Beach Bag & Its Essentials

In no particular order:

Beach Tote: First of all, I'll be needing a big sized tote to fit all the stuff I want to carry. These bags are usually bucket sized and the bigger the better depending on how many things you want to carry.

Water: I make sure I have at least 2 to 3 water bottles to keep myself hydrated.

Healthy Snacks: Some good filling snacks like dry fruits, and nuts are a must for me coz I keep getting hungry and processed/junk foods are not even an option for me as they don't fill my stomach enough and are not good for digestion either.

Sunscreen Spray: And I say spray because its easier to spray your whole body compared to rubbing lotion all over and getting your hands greasy and trying hard to reach your back.

Chapstick with SPF: My lips get seriously chapped and dry so I need to re apply as often as possible.

Wet Wipes: Just to refresh yourself and cool your face, while keeping it clean. Also to wipe your hands after you eat something.

Hand Sanitizer: Just to clean your hands before you eat something and also from preventing any bacteria to get around coz if you're like me you keep touching your face with your hands.

Hand Lotion: This is optional but I take it because I like to keep my hands moisturized.

Beach Towel: You'll be needing one to spread out on the sand and one to towel dry yourself after a swim. You can also carry your beach chairs, and umbrellas etc., if you like to be more cozy and do not like tanning directly.

A good book: to read :)

Smartphone: Obviously, to make/receive calls, and to listen to music or take pictures.

So those are all what I carry in my beach bag. Probably the same as you guys. What else do you include in your beach bag? Let me know, maybe I'm missing something important.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. I never been to any beach....I live in northern side of India and we don't have beaches here.... Btw nice post it with helpful tips...:)

    1. I'm from the south so I'm used to beaches even when I was in India. Thanks :)

  2. Nice post!! When i used to live in Chennai , i used to live just a stone's throw away from the beach. So no bag necessary :)Just run home and back to the beach if i need anything!!
    Hey, i have given you an award. Please to check this link in the blog to accept them

    1. I've been to the Chennai Marina beach once, and boy is it huge, and scary, it just looked so deep n roaring...Thanks for the award, I'm honored :)


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