Aussie Cleanse & Mend Shampoo Review

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I just want to start with a positive and the "cut the crap and get to the point" kind of note saying that I friggin love this shampoo. So I thought it deserved a rave review on my blog, and why not. This is my second bottle and for what its worth this shampoo performs true to its claims. What more can one ask for from a drugstore shampoo? It comes in the purple packaging like all Aussie products, which I love. The backside clearly shows the list of ingredients along with directions of use.

The reason I got this shampoo is because I have an oily scalp, and very dry frizzy hair. Normally dry shampoos really suck out the moisture and make my sensitive scalp really itchy so I don't go for them. What I need is a shampoo that can get rid of the grease, dirt etc., and still keep my scalp hydrated. I also at the same time need something to quench my dry frizzy hair along with cleaning it. When I found this at CVS it looked like it could do just that. It claims to cease the grease and quench the frazzled ends. Now I didn't quite trust that it could do anything for me but I needed a shampoo so I got it, and it was on sale too ;)

The shampoo is a creamy liquid that has a pearly shine to it. It smells sweet and fruity, and a little bit tangy.

It doesn't burn my scalp, or cause itchiness and after regular use it also seems to reduce my dandruff although it isn't made for that. It also leaves my hair smelling good until the next time I shampoo (which is usually 2-3 days). I don't even need to use a conditioner after using this shampoo. My scalp doesn't get oily until 2 days after I use this. Now it doesn't totally cure your hair and make it anti-frizz but it makes it smooth and shiny whenever you use it. And my husband loves this shampoo too, which is a bonus. Its lasts a long long time coz its a huge bottle, 13.5 oz (400ml). It cost me around $3 in a combo sale at CVS.

I recommend this to anyone who has a greasy scalp, frizzy dry hair, and need a good shampoo for daily use. I'll repurchase it once I finish this one. This is my second bottle though so I did repurchase it once.

Hope the review helps you.

Overall Rating: A

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Hi! Have you ever tried wen cleansing conditioner? I have the worst scalp ever & Wen worked like magic! But now I think I'm going to give this a try!

    1. Yeah, I read about it on your blog and was thinking about it, will give it a try...this should work well for you too, but even if it doesn't, its only $3 and you can keep it in rotation with whatever works for you.

  2. I rotate my shampoos once in 5 months depending on when I get sick of em...right now using pantene. For me what really transforms my hair is 'conditioner'. Though lot of people have advice me against using garnier I still prefer Garnier silky straight conditioner for frizz free hair:)

    1. I agree, conditioner is good but they are usually heavier and greasier compared to moisturizing shampoos and not everyone prefers them, I do though... but I also sometimes just like my moisturizing shampoos when I don't want to grease my hair with conditioners coz I use oil for that.


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