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This tag is probably one of the most popular ones among the youtube beauty community. I have watched hundreds of beauty gurus doing this tag on their channels but by far the only ones I liked are from emilynoel83 and MichellePhan. And then Aly did hers on her blog a few weeks back and now hers has been added to my faves. She came up with not one but 4 amazing looks under $20!!! the girl sure knows her way around the drugstore. She tagged me to do this and I accepted the challenge, though at first I was not so sure, I did my research, and this has been nothing but fun, coz makeup whether high end or drugstore is all about having fun. Here's what I used for my look with all products used under $20.

I got the idea to use Essence forget it 3 in 1 Concealer($2.99) form emilynoel83 and its not bad, it does a pretty good job for what its worth and its for 3 types of concealing: blemishes, redness, and under eyes. Now that's a steal! It is a little creamy though, so it can crease under eyes without powder. I used the Elf Pressed Powder($1) to set the concealer. I did not use any foundation so the concealer pretty much acted as my foundation and I just used my fingers to apply it. The powder is also tinted and if you can find your color it works pretty good. I used the puff with which it came and in my opinion you can get better coverage with the puff compared to a brush.

Now for the eyes I used the Elf eyelid primer($1) coz I have pretty oily eyelids and a primer just makes the eyeshadow go better and stay longer. For a buck this is a pretty good primer, known to beat all high end primers coz it works just as good if not better. Then I used one of my fave eyeshadow trio the Wet n Wild Color Icon trio in Walking on Eggshells($2.99) (it is similar to Sweet As Candy). This is one of the most natural looking eyeshadows from the color icon collection and what's more they tell you where to use what, it cannot get easier than that. I used the sponge tip applicator it comes with to pack on the eyeshadow and then used the Elf Blending Brush($1) from the Essential line to blend everything out. I wanted to skip on the eyeliner but in the end I found that I still had a dollar left to splurge on so I decided to get the Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen($1). Not very impressed with this one. The application was not easy, and the brush is pretty useless and the product does not transfer well. Then I used Wet n Wild Mega Volume Mascara($2.99) coz my eyelashes definitely could use volume. The mascara is ok. I wish I had money to spare on the eyelash curler. Although now I really wish I had bought the elf eyelash curler instead of the liner and used one of the darker eyeshadows as a liner. Oh well, lesson learnt!

Next I used the Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit($3) coz I don't have eyebrows, I mean they're hardly there. And this product is amazing. If you can get the right color to match your skintone, this product works so well and it stays put all day. You get a tinted wax/gel to draw around your natural shape and hold the eyebrows in place and then a powder to apply on top which gives a soft natural finish. The dual brush it comes with is pretty good and the amount of product should last you a long time.

I need blush, I mean after using all that concealer, and powder anybody's cheeks would look pale, so I used my favorite blush from Wet n Wild Color Icon blush in Heather Silk($2.99) which is a natural looking matte pink (although I feel Pearlescent Pink would give you some more glow coz its shimmery, if you like the glowing kind of look). I used the brush it came with to apply the blush and it was a little difficult coz I had to work around it to get it exactly where I want. I finished off with one of my fave lipsticks, Wet n Wild Silk Finish in Dark Pink Frost(99cents). Now some might say that you can use the lipstick as blush but I have combination skin and I don't like using anything creamy, and I also find it difficult to blend lipstick on my cheeks.

The aim of this look was to not compromise on anything and get a complete look within $20 and I'm glad I achieved that. So that's 10 products and my total was $19.95, I barely made it. Phew! My only regret was the elf eyeliner pen, what a dud. If you're going for this look, I advice you to chuck it and buy the elf essential eyelash curler($1) instead and use a dark shade of eyeshadow from the trio as an eyeliner, that'll look more natural too. Oh well, that's how we learn from mistakes. I'm pretty happy with what I achieved. I hope you'll do this look too and let me know if you liked it. I think teenagers, and college students will appreciate this look most of all.

I just wanted to mention that NYC is another brand where you can find products under $5, I tried really hard to fit atleast one product from NYC but couldn't. NYC lipglosses, mascaras, bronzers, and their liquid eyeliner are supposed to be pretty good and are raved about quite a bit, just in case you wanna try any of them.

Now I really wanna pass on this tag to a few of my fellow bloggers and wanna see what looks they can come up with, so I tag:
Sudhaa Gopinath from Shades For Dusky Women
Autumn Rush from Simply Autumn Rush
Gina from Beauty Love and Lipgloss
Ankita from Corallista
Nina from Nina's Bargain Beauty

I hope you all accept it coz I'm sure you guys can come up with great looks.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the tag hunny will do this video wise i think and i will let you know when i have it done i have been wanting to do it for ages but havent had the chance to with the kiddies back to school this week i can finally get filming again

    1. That'll be great, can't wait for your video to be up :) xo

  2. I really enjoyed reading the tag..:-)

    1. Thanks so much :) I love reading your blog too, have been following it for a while. Thanks for dropping by mine :) xo

  3. Great post for the gal on a budget! Elf is such a great brand for anyone needing to save some cash for sure. Great post <3

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    xoxo Bree
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    1. Thanks :) and Thanks so much for following me back on Twitter, I truly appreciate it. I don't mind helping you but the link doesn't seem to work.

    2. OK so I went to your blog and found the link in your post, done. All the best!

  4. Thanks a lot for tagging!!! This is my first tag of this kind and am excited to do this. Will be doing it as soon as i settle down :)

    1. No probs Sudhaa, I'm sure you'll come up with a great look :) xo


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