Summer Jewelry Haul

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I love shopping in summer, its so hassle free unlike winters. Last month I went to a mall with no intention of buying anything but when I saw a random store selling their jewelry for $ a piece, I couldn't pass it up. Y'all know I can never give up on a good sale ;). So, I went in and saw that not many of them were worth buying, obviously they were a buck so what can you expect, but after hunting for a few minutes, I found some pieces worth buying.

The bracelet seemed like a perfect match to the Charlotte Russe necklace that I got a while ago so I snatched that and the pearl necklace came with the matching earrings so I got that. They cost me 2 bucks together so even if I lose them or they don't last long, I don't care, coz I really got nothing much to lose.

I also ordered a cute gold plated cubic-zirconia wedding-engagement ring set, sold by Palm Beach Jewelry from And surprise! surprise! it came with a free gift!

The ring set was a size 5 and ran a little larger but that was the least size they had so I had to adjust but the free gift was a perfect fit. Its a copper, gold, and silver toned cuff bangle bracelet that fit me perfectly and looked great on me. Normally I don't order bangles/bracelets online coz they usually are not my size and always run big but this was a pleasant surprise. The ring set cost me $36 something and arrived on time without any issues. I never really had any problems with, that's why I love ordering stuff from them.

So that was my summer jewelry shopping over the period of last month. Have you guys hauled any jewelry lately? please do comment n let me know, I like hearing from you.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. i love cosmetics and jewelry and you know I can never give up on a good sale ;)So, I always looking for it:)
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