Another Collective Haul: Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar Store

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I'm back with another haul. I know, I don't need so many products and will never be able to use so many of them but when coming to think of it, nobody really needs makeup, its just an obsession, and you want it all the time. I'm sorry if I'm boring you with all these haul posts, I will start posting reviews again from tomorrow. I have at least 15 products that I want to review on this blog, and hopefully I'll start doing it soon.

So today's post is about what I got over the past few months from dollar stores. I frequently visit Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree, so whenever I find something I like, I pick it up. I also come across an occasional random dollar store where I pick up a few things, so I just wanted to share those with you guys. First up some pictures:

The above picture features some stuff I got from Family Dollar, and a random Dollar Store. I mostly find LA Colors products at Family Dollar/Dollar Tree. A few months back I found the LA Colors French Manicure kit for $2 and got that. It has a white polish and a nude polish. I also found a lavender-chamomile scented candle for $2 so I picked that and I love this scent, its my absolute fave. I also found some makeup wedges to apply foundation/concealer or remove/level excess powder when applying makeup. They were a $. I found this nail polish remover for a $ at a dollar store. While I was browsing I also found some colored eyeshadow pencils which I thought would be fun to experiment with so I picked up those. They were a dollar each.

Last week I went to Family Dollar and Dollar Tree again and got these:

The LA Colors eyeshadow palette looked like it had some really good neutral shades so I had to buy that and at Dollar Tree everything's a dollar so what have I gotta lose. Then at Family Dollar I got this NYC Liquid Lipshine lip gloss in Big Apple Spice. It looked really pretty and nothing like I've ever tried before so got that for $2.

I'm not happy that I'm spending so much money but sometimes you just can't help it. Just yesterday I saw an ELF Studio Glossy Gloss for $ at Dollar Tree and I almost picked it up but then decided against it. But I'll probably buy it one of these days.

Did any of you haul anything from any dollar store recently? What did you get? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep Smiling :)

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