Sunglasses for Style and Protection

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So summer's been here for a while, and why not talk about sunglasses and how they can help us from the harmful sun's rays and aging, especially the skin around the eyes, the most sensitive area. While we are at it, lets also check out some cool options that will not only make us look chic but also cater to our needs by protecting us from the harmful UV rays.

While buying sunglasses make sure that they fit your face properly, meaning they hide it from the sun properly. For this you need to know your face shape, but if you ask me, just go to a store and buy what you think fits you properly, and covers a large portion of your face, while making you look cute. There is no actual necessity to get prescription sunglasses coz I think the sunglasses that come out these days are all anti UV rays and if/when worn properly/regularly they protect us from the sun. If you are into investing in a good pair do check out the UV ratings and make sure they are polarized coz when you're spending a lot you might as well get something out of it other than just looking stylish.

Whatever maybe your budget, and needs, just make sure that they fit to your face properly and do not make you look like a bozo. That's more than enough to give you the optimum protection needed and keep you looking cute.

I have a round face with a square jaw, which looks something like the picture above, only I have a double chin and a slightly larger forehead. But the sunglasses are an exact match for my face shape. I need a combination of roundish-squared sunglasses and cat eye sunglasses with rounded rectangle frames look good on me, at least that's what I think. So I was looking for some options online and found some great ones.

Some affordable options:
1 Asos Tort Cat Eye Sunglasses
2 Overstock Brown Cat Eye Sunglasses
3 Forever21 Cat Eye Sunglasses
4 Target Mossimo Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses

Some investment options:
5 Marc by Marc Jacobs
6 Scarlett by Micheal Kors
7 Dior

I absolutely LOVE the numbers 4 and 6. If you couldn't guess already, I'm crazy about animal prints too, they just add that extra statement to my style.

My last pair of sunglasses were from Fast Track, Titan in India but I left them behind in my last trip and boy am I glad coz this means shopping!!!

Do you wear sunglasses? if yes, what style/brand do you have currently, I'd love to know, please leave a comment below. Any suggestions are also welcome, just in case there is something I'm missing that I need to know while buying sunglasses.

Hope this post helps you pick a stylish yet protective pair of sunglasses.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Love the N.o4 glass and the animal print one is awesome too. Me too a big fan of animal prints. I need to get a pair that suits my face. The last one that i bought make me look like a bozo :) Will be shopping for some coolers soon!!!

    1. Thanks :) It can get a bit tricky sometimes with shades..I learnt it the hard way what suits me and what doesn't. You'll get the hang of it sooner or later and till then its better to stick to cheaper options.


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