ELF Essential Lipstick Seductive Review and Swatches

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So this was one of the lipsticks from my latest ELF haul and I finally got to try it last week. These lipsticks come in a neat packaging, totally sealed with all the details like ingredients, directions, and claims on the back. I like it when products are properly packed like this and that too for a dollar.

The actual lipstick out of the packaging looks like this.

This packaging doesn't really get any great points from me. When you first look at it, you feel like it looks quite chic with the silver casing, and the transparent rim in between that clearly shows the color but when you open it you understand that the silver is just a coat of paint on cheap plastic. If it was sold in drugstores the transparent area in between would make it easier to know the color even through all the outer packaging so that's good. Also, I heard a lot of horror stories about the lipstick breaking off easily while applying so I was careful not to twist it up entirely or put much pressure while applying and it worked fine for me so far. The silver paint on the plastic peels off after some wear and tear and carrying it around in your purse. The plastic packaging does look cheap but what do you expect for a dollar. It kind of makes a tight, stuck up sound while twisting up and does not twist up smoothly. The back of the lipstick clearly shows the shade name so even if you throw away the outer cover you still have your shade name to check when needed.The lipstick also looks a little waxy in appearance.

This shade is a nice coral shade and in my experience is the perfect coral shade I've ever come across. This is how it looks on my lips.

My nude lips
The shade in day light
The shade in night light
OK, lets just say, I'm not happy. The formula sucks. It settles into all of the fine lines, and wrinkles on my lips immediately after applying and kind of just sits there and highlights them like nothing else I've seen. Even if I rub my lips together to smooth it out, it settles back in as soon as I stop and its quite noticeable; it just looks ugly. The lipstick not only looks waxy, it feels plasticky/waxy too, and has an eraser like leftovers on lips which one could call clumpy I guess but I've never used any clumpy lipsticks before so this is a first. The other thing is the smell. It smells like cough syrup; not a fan. It slips and slides all over the place and is quite streaky. It also contains parabens. Seriously, this lipstick makes Wet n Wild lipsticks look like high end lipsticks as far as the formula is concerned. The only thing I liked about the formula is that they are not frosty or shimmery, none of these lipsticks are.

The first swipe is hard and applies sheer but then you can build it up for more coverage. Its quite creamy, and decently pigmented. It does make lips feel hydrated though that lasts only as long as the creaminess lasts which is not more than 2-3 hours and even less if you eat in between. After that it leaves a stain which lasts for another 2-3 hours and dries out the lips a little.

The shade is a very beautiful coral that suits my lips and face perfectly. This is the perfect coral shade I've found so far in lipsticks that cost so less. ELF really nailed it down with the colors though there are only a few. They are all definitely wearable, and they have no frost or shimmer which is a plus. The price is like a $ so even if we don't like it, we've got nothing to lose. You also get a very good amount of lipstick for a buck. I'd say get it if you are new to makeup and just wanna play around with some nice lip colors. Even if its not for you, it doesn't set you back much. You can always give it to a kid to play with. ELF doesn't test on animals so its totally vegan.

What I do is apply it generously on lips and then blot all the clumps onto a tissue so that it leaves only the stain, and then I apply a lipgloss on top. You might say why not just buy a lipstain for that but what to do, I already bought it, so gotta make it work somehow.

I just wish the formula and the packaging could be a little better. Cummon ELF, up your game! I was expecting more than this from you. I love the shade so much its hard to give it a worst grade. I will definitely not be repurchasing it unless ELF does something about the formula, its just ridiculous even calling it a lipstick, even if its only a buck.

I hope the review helped you.

Overall Rating: C

Keep Smiling :)

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