Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator smoothing lustre lotion Review

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I got this especially for summer since I mostly leave my hair down and since my hair is super frizzy I needed something to weigh it down and make it smooth while giving me some heat protection. A lady at CVS recommended this so I got it and have been using it for about 3 months now. If you follow my blog you must have seen this in my last month's (April 2012) favorites. So I need not repeat again that I like this product. So this is how it looks.

I love the shape of this bottle, pretty girly and chic. Some bottles come with cute charms hanging at the top as a key chain but mine didn't :(. The claims and ingredients are clearly given on the back.

The product is a white creamy, semi solid that feels very smooth and sticky. It has an amazing floral scent that seriously lasts very long.

I love the pump on this, very convenient and easy to get the product onto the hand except you might wanna be careful to not pump it all the way down as this would squirt a lot of product onto your hand.

My hair is nicely weighed down but it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or sticky even after I apply 2 coats of this but it definitely feels like I've styled it. I apply it on air dried hair. It takes a few minutes to dry out but after that it makes your hair look great. My natural curls are well balanced and do not fly all over my face which they normally do even when there's a slight wind. My hair just feels so soft, moisturized, and pampered and gives off a nice floral scent which I love. My husband just loves smelling my hair. I also use it before flat ironing my hair. I love the fact that it contains cashmere and a UV protectant so its great for summers. Its good for just using it as a leave in conditioner after you towel dry or on dry hair and it can be used just before flat ironing too.

You get a lot of product of about 6.8 oz (200 ml) for $6.29 at CVS. You can get it for less in a deal or in stores like Walmart. I'd definitely repurchase it once this bottle is over. I recommend this to anyone who has dry, frizzy hair.

I hope the review helped you.

Overall Rating: A

Keep Smiling :)

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