Lacura Beauty Lipstick 200 Cool Sand Review and Swatches

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I came across this accidentally when I was browsing at Aldi (a grocery store) the other day. I was very surprised to find a whole makeup line at a grocery store but then I googled about it and found out that this is an affordable line being sold only at Aldi stores. Moreover, this is Made in Germany, so I was curious to try a foreign brand which is available at such low price. I figured, since it costs only a buck, there's really nothing I'm gonna lose by trying it even if I didn't like it. I got two colors of these which were the only ones available at my Aldi store. I picked the coppery brown shade as I thought it would be perfect for summer. This is how these lipsticks come, in a wrapper and a cool box packaging, sealed well. Frankly, I was surprised they packed it so well and all that for a buck.

There's really no way you can swatch these but the shade name and color is shown on top of the box clearly and it matches pretty close, though not exactly. The back of the packaging clearly shows the claims and ingredients.

Once you open it you find the lipstick held in a white box which is pretty cool. I've never seen any drugstore lipstick packed this carefully. But the shade name or number is not shown anywhere else on the actual tube so once you throw away the package you'll lose the shade name. To avoid that, I removed the sticker showing the shade name on the package and plastered it on to the tube. Smart, eh!

Finally! this is the lipstick tube which looks like a shiny metallic bullet. And that's the whole amount of lipstick you'll be getting.

The shade, up close. Hell yeah, I'm sporting mint nails, and coppery/bronze brown lip colors this summer!

This is how it looks on my lips:

My nude lips
 The lipstick on me in day light
The lipstick on me at night
Phew!!!, I'm so tired after cropping/uploading all these pictures.

I really love the shade, though it feels a little frosty, I think it looks great for summers and I have used it quite a few times already. The company claims to have a formula that is intensive and shiny in color but one swipe doesn't do it. You have to apply 2 to 3 swipes for the color to show well, and its more frosty than shiny. The lipstick does feel creamy, and soft on lips on application but once the creaminess fades, lips become dry. It lasts for about 2 to 3 hours without eating and fades away when we eat/drink. It does leave a stain after that but that's almost not visible maybe since this shade is almost like a nude shade on my lips. Definitely needs touch ups pretty often if you decide to wear it. It contains parabens which I'm not quite a fan of so I do remove it properly before eating anything so even if it was long lasting I would have removed it anyways every time I eat. :)

These lipsticks are not tested on animals which is good. Overall I think that its a good deal for a buck except for the fact that it contains parabens. If you don't mind that then you'll like these. If you have extremely dry lips then you might need to apply a chapstick or lip balm before applying the lipstick. They're pretty cute and easy to carry around so touch ups aren't that difficult, especially if you like the shade, which I do. Its all you can expect from any drugstore lipstick that costs a buck. I would repurchase these if I could find other shades. I recommend this to anyone who likes coppery frost shades and do not mind frequent touch ups.

Did any of you use the other shades from this range?, please do let me know, I'd love to hear how they have worked out for you.

I hope the review helped you.

Overall Rating: B++

Keep Smiling :)

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