Walgreens Haul - Jordana Lipgloss, 20I2 Cracked Nail Polish

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I also went to Walgreens over this weekend and noticed some really good makeup stuff that I've heard of but never tried before. Honestly, I've never tried Crackle nail polishes before since I never really found them in any of the drugstores near to where I live. They are always either out of stock or my drugstore doesn't stock up on them, I don't know, whatever maybe the reason, I was really excited to find a new brand that I've never even heard of at Walgreens yesterday and they had these great colors of Crackle nail polishes, and you should see my face, it was like heaven on earth for a moment there, and more so as these nail polishes were pretty cheap too. You go Walgreens! And I also got some Jordana lipglosses because I heard so much about them but never tried them. This is everything I got.

The list of things I got:
Jordana LOL Lip Out Loud Super Shiny Gloss in TTYL
Jordana Lip Shine natural glaze in Raspberry
2012 max makeup Cherimoya cracked nail polish in Sinner
2012 max makeup Cherimoya cracked nail polish in Savior

I'm like crazily excited for the cracked nail polishes and I've been waiting so long, the drugstores have tested my patience to the limit but finally I have them, Thank God! Its also been long since I purchased a lipgloss, so I'm waiting to try those as well. I'll post swatches and reviews as and when I get to try them.

That's it for this weekend. Hope you're enjoying yours.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. cherimoya? I have picked it up and put it down many times...tell me when you review them:)

  2. Yeah, it didn't look that appealing at first to me either but I thought I'd give it a try and its very cheap so I gotta lose nothing. Will post a review soon :) Thanks for dropping by :)


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