Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick: Divine 330 Review and Swatches

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Like I said in my previous post, I'm back with the Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick review and swatches in Divine 330.
The packaging is really cool and comes with a strip seal to one side. This is how it looks after I removed the upper part of the seal (the picture still has the lower part of the seal).

The lipstick twists up and down pretty much how every lipstick works I guess :). This is how it looks when opened and that is the whole amount of stick you'll be getting.

I really like the color, material and finish of the case, looks very pretty and chic. I did use it thrice already hence the tip is a little not so sharp :).

The bottom of the packaging clearly shows the shade color, name, number. I really liked that coz not all lipsticks come showing both shade name and number very clearly. You can get the list of ingredients here. All I know is that it does not contain parabens, and claims to have a Transformative Silk Moisturizing Complex, gives rich color, and sustains moisture levels to create smooth, and soft lips in 7 days. It comes in beautiful 44 shades and it also won a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award in 2011.

I swatched it on my lips instead of on hand because hand swatches do not really tell us how the lipstick is going to look on our lips. Normally lips are pigmented ranging from light pink to a deep mauve pink so lipsticks are always better when swatched on lips in my opinion. After all, lipsticks are meant to be worn on lips, not on hands :). Although you should not do that in store since it has to be bought by someone else :D unless they carry a sample that is for testing. I have mauve pigmented lips with the upper lip slightly more pigmented than the lower one so you'll know how it looks on you if you have such lips too.

This is a picture of my bare lips after I exfoliated (it is important to do this before applying any lip product especially if you have chapped lips like me).

 This is the lipstick on me in day/natural light

 This is how it looks under night light

So those are all my swatches. The shade is definitely a hot pink with high blue tones which makes it look like lavender. It is a creme finish and also very pigmented. Doesn't have any shimmer. This is what attracted me to buy it in the first place along with its moisturizing claims. I applied it generously on my lips. 

Hope you got a good idea of what it is and what it has to offer in terms of color and looks because no matter how many such reviews you're going to check online or no matter how clear and good the pictures are, you'll never get a clear idea of how they'll look on your lips coz not everybody has the same pigmentation and skin tone. But the reviews however give you a general idea of how it might look on your lips and will definitely help you decide whether to buy a product or not.

The lipstick though seemed mattene (semi-matte) in texture at first, it is definitely moisturizing and feels silky smooth on lips. It also has a very light scent that is almost flowery but not quite noticeable. It doesn't give my lips a dry matte look or a very slippery glossy look that is usually associated with ultra moist lipsticks but somewhere in between and I really like that. It gives opaque coverage. This particular shade can be a little on the brighter side and not many people might like wearing this color on a daily basis. At this point in my life I'm looking for a change from my usual lipglosses, chapsticks, lipbalms and light tinted lipsticks that I normally use on a daily basis. Its not that I don't wear them anymore, I do like all of them very much and still wear them but I'm also adding the opaque and pigmented colors to my collection because I found that they provide good coverage along with offering rich color.

Application was very easy and smooth and it filled up all the cracks and lines very well without setting into them much and giving a smooth and silky finish. The color showed very well with just one swipe on my lips. The lipstick feels light on lips unlike other moisturizing lipsticks or lip balms. It doesn't feather, bleed or doesn't apply cakey.

It stays on a decent amount of time. In my experience I found that when I apply it (after eating my breakfast) it lasted for the next 3-4 hours without drying. After I had lunch the lipstick did fade a little but still surprisingly stayed silky smooth and my lips didn't get dry, and I have extremely dry lips. The lipstick lasted for more than 6 hours which is pretty good in my opinion. You don't really have to apply a gloss on top of it unless you like a very glossy and shiny finish. By the end of the day the original color fades slightly and leaves a lighter version stain on your lips making it look like you're still wearing a lipstick which I thought was really good. You will need a makeup remover to actually wipe it off totally. Seriously, I applied it once and it stayed all day and my lips didn't feel chappy or dry for more than 5 hours. This stuff is good yo :D.

All in all the lipstick is definitely moisturizing and long staying and there's nothing that I found that I didn't like about it really. It does what it claims to do, although I haven't used it for 7 days yet and don't really know if it totally changes my lips.

The lipstick can be worn in spring, summers, and also in fall or winter if you like because I usually wear only lipbalm or greasy chapstick during the dry seasons. In my opinion you'll love this lipstick whether you have dry or moist lips. Also, since this color is a little bright you might want to tone down your eye makeup and go neutral to create a balanced look. The shade looks good on any skin tone I guess. I have warm skin with cool undertones and it looked good on me. But I've seen warm toned people wearing it and it looks good on them too. If you want to know more about whether this color suits you, check this article or you can take a small quiz here. But if you ask me, wear what you think suits you. It can be worn day or night.

It comes with a decent amount of lipstick of 0.12 oz. (3.36 gm.) for the prize of $7.99 at CVS. But I bought it in a bogo (buy 1 get 1 half off) sale so I got it for less. You can buy it in CVS or Walgreens in store and I've not really seen it anywhere else. I had to go to 3 stores to actually find it coz it was mostly out of stock at every store I went to. Guess it is a pretty popular shade from this collection or maybe because its spring and everybody is liking hot pinks and neons this season. The other shade I bought with this, I'll do it as another post.

No matter what lipstick or lipgloss you wear or don't wear, the most important thing is to keep smiling and that is the best makeup of all.

I hope you liked my review and it helps you decide whether to buy it or not.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with pigmented lips and anyone who doesn't shy away from bright colors. And I would definitely repurchase it but not in another year or so as I want to try other shades from this collection. For those who have dry and chapped lips I suggest they exfoliate their lips first. This way the application doesn't show any flakes you might have coz of the chappiness. If you feel the color is bright and want to tone down a little then dab your lips onto a napkin and apply clear gloss over it.

Update: I found out that this lipstick is a dupe for MAC Up the Amp but I never tried the MAC lipstick so I do not know for sure.

Overall Rating: A

Keep Smiling :)

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