April 2012 Favorites and Regrets

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Hi my dear readers :) I can't believe April has already come to an end. I can't say I'm sorry either because this means less rains and more blossoms and summer in another month.

So without further ado I present to you this month's beauty and makeup favorites.

So, as you can see there's quite a few things I've been liking this month. The list of all things beauty I've been loving/using frequently are: in step by step left to right order.
Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray Extreme Hold
Clairol Herbal Essences Hydralicious Reconditioning Conditioner
Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer
Parachute Therapie Hair Vitaliser
Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion
Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin
Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions Wild Freesia Antiperspirant/Deodorant
Source Soothing Hand Soap in Lavender and Chamomile
Dove Moisturizing Soap White
Boro Plus Healthy Skin Antiseptic Cream
Wet n Wild Mega Slicks lipgloss 576A Rose Gold
Wet n Wild MegaLast Salon Nail Color 201C Wet Cement
CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Color 330 Divine
CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner Black
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Sand Medium 0-1
NARS Orgasm Blush
ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit Dark
CoverGirl Lash Blast Length Mascara Dark Brown

Food Favorites this month have been:

I'm not a great foodie but I love my junk food and certain healthy stuff too if I feel it satisfies my taste buds and I'm not much into cooking either unless its a really easy instant kind of recipe or something which doesn't involve cutting veggies and cooks fast. Also, I don't have a gallbladder which means not all foods are accepted by my stomach, and I'm a hypothyroid cum PCOS patient and have to keep my weight in control. So keeping that in mind I have to pick and choose and experiment with what is acceptable and not. This doesn't give many options but I'm on my mission to find the best out there. Hence this month's faves have been:

Amma's Kitchen Banana Chips - Potato chips are hard to digest and can make me gain weight but these are a better, tastier and healthier option.
Milleville Bran Flakes - I start my day with a cup of this and zero fat milk. Its filling, energizing, and digests easily.
Deglet Noor Pitted dates - They fill stomach easily, digest easily, they're tasty, and healthy.
Activia Yogurt Peach - Nice alternative to regular desi dahi which is difficult to digest. This helps regulate digestion naturally and comes in a yummy variety of different fruit flavors.
Orbit Gum - For bad breath which is usually associated with patients who cannot digest all foods and who have sensitive teeth. I have both.
These foods won all odds and stand winners for me for this month. Lets see if they continue to please me and if I can find some new winners.

Other favorites:
TV Shows: Smash, Revenge, Greys Anatomy, New Girl
Movies: The Hunger Games
Books & Magazines: The Hunger Games trilogy, Allure and Lucky Magazines
Music: What Doesn't Kill You by Kelly Clarkson
Clothing: An Elle top in coral color from Kohls, Skinny Jeans from Macys, White Capri pants from Felines Basement, sandals from Payless, boots from Payless, Peacoat from Old Navy.
Jewelry: Chuvora Necklace from amazon, Silver Turquoise Necklace from amazon.

And about the Regrets, I'm hating/not impressed with the following: I didn't take a picture as I didn't want to shame them even more by putting them in spotlight :D
LA Colors Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Black
Maybelline Lip Liner 25 Toast
Neutrogena T/Gel Original Formula Shampoo
CVS Dental Floss
Covergirl Lip Perfection Lip Color 285 Temptation

Food: Dole 100% Juice, Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Thai Style Chicken & Vegetables, Lean Cuisine Roasted Chicken with Lemon Pepper Fettuccini.

Other Regrets:
TV Shows: Glee, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl
Books: None
Movies: Avengers
Music: None
Clothing: American Eagle Purple Ballet Flats from Payless, Croft and Barrow Gloves from Kohls, Croft and Barrow brown single breasted long Trenchcoat from Kohls
Jewelry:  None

A lot of these I have not yet reviewed on my blog but I will definitely do detailed posts with pictures telling you what I liked and/or hated about them. The one's I reviewed, I linked them to their posts.

So what are you loving or hating for this month? Please do comment and let me know.

Keep Smiling :)

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  1. uhmmm such a comprehensive list !!! most of the brands look alien to me.... where do you get hold of such products ??? wet n wild, covergirl, clairol . .never even heard of them :( !!!

    you did not like avengers ? after their much hyped release m sorry to hear such negatives about them three in row today !!!

  2. Hey Dr. Rashmi! Thanks so much for following my blog :) I can't tell you how happy it makes me. And I live in US so all these brands are drugstore brands easily found everywhere in the US. And yeah, I hated Avengers, maybe because I expected too much from it and didn't feel like it was worth the wait.

  3. Oh mate , you live in US !! just read up your profile :) :)... sounds very interesting :) ... would be great to hear more from you !!!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah that's a pretty long and detailed list I have about myself, hope you didn't get bored :)

  4. heyyy . justjoined ur blog... plz do check mine http://crazypolishes.blogspot.in/ :)

    1. Thanks for following. Will check out your blog too. xoxo

  5. Woww I quite liked this post of yours I wish I could get elf here in India..!! :)

    1. Thanks :) I wish ELF would start selling in India too. Thannks for dropping by my blog :) xoxo

  6. Nice! Great list <3
    Hows this TV Sitcom New Girl?


    1. Thanks :) New Girl is really good, especially Zooey is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog. xoxo


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